Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (the “Policy”) informs you of our privacy policy practices. It explains why and how we collect your data and information and how it is stored and used. Pineapple Express Delivery takes all reasonable measures to ensure the integrity and security of information obtained on Internet users through the Website and to prevent any non-authorized access or use of this information. To that end, Pineapple Express Delivery regularly reviews its security measures.


Several tools may be used on our Website to improve its efficiency and usability and for marketing and statistical purposes. These tools may include collection and automatic storage of data by us or by third parties on our behalf. In general, this data does not include users’ personal information. These tools include, without limitation, cookies, Adobe Flash cookies, web beacons (also called “pixel tags” or “clear GIFs”), tracking URLs or similar tools and web analytics software. Collected data may include, without limitation:

• Visitors’ IP addresses;
• Date and time of visit;
• Referral URL (the website from which the visitor came);
• Pages visited on our Website;
• Information on the browser used (type and browser version, operating system, etc.).

We may also use to reference the user of a chat conversation. You can manage your browsing preferences at all times directly in your Web browser. By default, browsers allow the use of cookies, but this feature can be disabled. However, if cookies are disabled, certain services may not be available. You can also manually delete cookies after use through your Web browser.

Web beacons, tracking URLs or similar tools and cookies are primarily used for statistical analysis. These tools may also be used to follow traffic patterns on websites or to know if an email has been received, opened or answered.

Web analytics software gathers data on and analyzes the behavior of visitors of websites or mobile applications. It analyzes traffic patterns, for example, to determine how often certain parts of a website or a mobile application are viewed, or which information or services interest our visitors. To this end, we mostly use clickstream data and other techniques described above. The web analytics services used on our Website and our mobile applications are provided by Google Analytics or other service providers.

This means that when you visit our Website, a Google Analytics cookie is stored on your computer or mobile device, provided that your browser settings allow such cookies, as mentioned above. Furthermore, when you visit our Website, the web analytics data described above (including clickstream data, data provided by web beacons and tracking URLs and information stored in Google Analytics cookies) is sent to Google Analytics to be analyzed for Pineapple Express Delivery.

Google Analytics acts as Pineapple Express Delivery’s agent, which means that Pineapple Express Delivery determines the purposes for which the data is used and Google Analytics may not disclose this information to third parties (except in cases where the law or a court order forces such disclosure). With regard to privacy, this means that Pineapple Express Delivery is the “guarantor” and Google Analytics is the “data processor”.

If you do not want that information regarding your visits to our Website, be gathered and analyzed by Google Analytics, you can opt out. This means that Google Analytics will anonymize the information gathered (but will continue to gather it) or will stop gathering information on your visit, depending on the type of opt-out that you choose. To opt out, you have to accept that a cookie be stored on your computer by Google Analytics. You may request to opt out by clicking on the relevant link in the Google Analytics website section that includes the privacy policy ( For more information regarding Google Analytics and its privacy policy, please read the privacy policy at


Our website uses forms and chat widgets for communications. Visitors who have questions about our products or their active delivery orders can communicate with us using those tools.

We will not ask for any personal information to be communicated using those tools. We are in most ways not authorized to update any personal information on your delivery order without the authorization of the seller where you placed the order. To change your delivery address or any personal information on your order, please communicate with the vendor where you placed the order.

To identify you, you will be asked to provide some non-identifiable information such as a tracking number and the province where the purchase was made. Using the communication tools, you will be able to communicate information about but not limited to:

• Estimated time of arrival
• Special delivery instructions
• Buzzer code
• Conditions for delivery
• Contact information for a vendor
• Delivery time request
• Delayed delivery
• Delivery re-attempt
• Feedback


To process your delivery, we require some End Customer Personal Data from the shipper. This information will be used to complete deliveries. This information may include, but is not limited to:

• End-customer address
• End-customer first name and last name
• End-customer phone number


Usage Data gathered through our Website may be used to improve our Website’s content, for marketing research purposes, for statistics purposes, to improve our services. Personal data is solely used to facilitate deliveries.

We only use data for the purposes for which they were collected. Your consent is required to use your personal information for purposes other than the ones mentioned above. You may opt-out from such use of your data, ask that your data be deleted.

We may use third-party API services such as an SMS gateway to send delivery SMS notifications. We vet third-party partners and validate they can meet security and retention requirements to keep your data safe.


Pineapple Express Delivery stores the information for a reasonable period to achieve its objectives or in accordance with legal provisions. Following this period, the information shall be deleted or anonymized. We will also retain Usage Data for internal analysis purposes.


You can contact us by email at the following address for any question regarding this Policy or any request regarding your data. We will make every effort to process your request quickly.